Kurs og kompetanseutvikling for helsepersonell, 21.06.2018

MAGIC in the Evidence Ecosystem
From Sykehuset Innlandet to the world, for increased value and
reduced waste in health care and research at the global level

Conference arranged by Sykehuset Innlandet Hospital Trust in collaboration with MAGIC research and innovation program.


1. Provide participants with state of the art knowledge about new standards, methods, and tools for evidence-based health care
(EBHC), shared decision-making, decision-support in the electronic health record and quality improvement, in theEvidence Ecosystem.
2. Clarify opportunities and responsibilities of Norwegian health care authorities for implementing evidence-based practice and high quality patient care, in a digital era.
3. Identify strategic goals and actions for Norwegian health care actors in the Evidence Ecosystem.

Sted og tid

NTNU Gjøvik 21. juni 2018


Target groupes

Decision- and policy-makers in Norway, responsible for patient
safety and quality in health care (Dept of Health, Health Directorate, Norwegian Medical Association, Regional Health
Authorities, Universities).
Patients/consumer-advocates involved in health care.
Clinicians, researchers and innovators interested in EBHC, and
what MAGIC has done to make a difference, born at the Department of Medicine at Gjøvik.

Conference Program

14.00 Welcome and Why We Are Here Today
Alice Beathe Andersgaard, CEO, Sykehuset Innlandet HF


14.05 “Fra Innlandet til utlandet”: A Journey of MAGIC Dimensions
Professor Per Olav Vandvik will introduce the program and a story dating back to 1996, from meeting great clinicians at the Department of Medicine Gjøvik to realizing global challenges in evidence-based health care to be fixed, 20 years later addressed through MAGICapp and a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem

14.20 Progress in Evidence-Based Medicine: A Quarter Century On
Professor Gordon Guyatt from McMaster University, who coined the term EBM in 1990 and is co-founder of MAGIC, will exemplify how far we have come and highlight remaining challenges

15.00 MAGIC and the Evidence Ecosystem
Dr. Linn Brandt, co-founder of MAGIC and mastermind behind MAGICapp, will demonstrate how trustworthy clinical practice guidelines and decision-support in the electronic health care record are key to succeed with safe and high quality health care. This is never enough, which is why a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem is needed, and emerging

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Shared Decision-Making: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Thomas Agoritsas from University of Geneva will present current alternative tools and what remains to be solved, for kind and careful shared decisions

16.15 BMJ Rapid Recommendations. A Disruptive Innovation?
Dr. Helen MacDonald from The BMJ and Dr. Reed Siemieniuk from McMaster University will present a highly innovative approach to quickly respond to practice-changing evidence with globally disseminated evidence to the point of care

16.30 NICE in the Evidence Ecosystem: Where Do We Struggle and What Can Be Done?
Professor Gillian Leng deputy CEO at NICE, will present how NICE currently is working across the Ecosystem steps, what can be learned and how they need to improve in a digital age with new technologies and resource constraints

16.45 What Are We Doing to Implement EBHC in Norwegian Health Care?
Reflections from actors in the Ecosystem

Point of care perspective. Even Reinertsen, Consultant physician at the Department of Medicine SI Gjøvik

Education perspective. Gro Jamtvedt, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, OsloMet

Specialist health care perspective. Jan Frich, Chief Medical Officer,
Helse-Sør Øst RHF

Research perspective. John-Arne Røttingen, Director, Norwegian Research Council


17.30 What Now Sykehuset Innlandet and Norway?
Per Olav Vandvik leads panel discussion with speakers, actors and participants

Free of charges


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