Innlandet Hospital Trust

Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of Norway's largest hospitals, providing professional services in the field of healthcare, with roughly 9000 employees. Our total geographical areas of activity is larger than Denmark!

​While working for us, you will encounter many different challenges, both big and small, that will allow you to test your skills in your daily practice. We are always looking for bright minds and skilled professionals.

We hope to use your knowledge to achieve our vision of providing excellent and equal health-care services to all who need them, when they need them – regardless of age, address, ethnicity, gender or position.

We want to create a workplace where employees enjoy their jobs and place of work – one with a focus on professional growth and development.

We can o​​​ffer

  • in-service training and education
  • an active and inclusive working environment with a committed professional staff
  • a good pension scheme
  • accommodation assistance

Language​ requirements

​The working language at Innlandet Hospital Trust is Norwegian, and applicants must be able to document their mastery of written and spoken Norwegian (i.e. the "Bergenstesten" or equivalent) before they start working at Innlandet Hospital Trust.

We require you to communicate with our patients, families and colleagues in Norwegian at a sufficiently high level to ensure reliable patient care. We do accept Danish and Swedish as academic languages.

Norwegi​an authorization

​In jobs requiring that health-care personnel be certified in accordance with the Health Personnel Act, a Norwegian authorisation and/or temporary licence must be obtained prior to employment and its commencement.
More information on how to apply for authorisation (helsedirektoratet.no)

Residence permit / ​​registration certificate

​Before working at Innlandet Hospital Trust, you must obtain a residence permit or registration certificate. Nordic citizens have automatic residency in the Nordic countries.

Within the E​​U and the EEA

You only need to obtain a registration certificate.

Outside the E​​U and the EEA

You must obtain a residence permit.

More information about the procedure and application forms (udi.no)

Tax card / ​​D-number

If you are a foreign worker, you must have a D-number to obtain a tax card. Anyone obtaining a D-number must personally visit the tax office with a valid ID. This also applies to Norwegian nationals moving back to Norway.

More information about tax card and D-numbers, application forms and identification requirements can be found at taxnorway.no and nyinorge.no.​